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Will you fall in love with a train station?

Miracle Train LiveJournal Community
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For fans of Miracle Train. Will You Fall in Love With a Train Station?
The web manga and novel for Miracle Train started in March 2009. Five stations of the Tokyo Chou line were personified into male characters: the leader Zero Tokyo, the ladies' man Shinjuku Shintarou, the ramen-loving Nakano Riku, the charming Kichijouji Takuto, and the gentle Tachikawa Lune.

In October of the same year, the anime was released featuring stations from the Oedo line: Roppongi Fumi, Shinjuku Rintarou, Tsukishima Izayoi, Shiodome Iku, Ryougoku Itsumi, and the leader Tochou Saki.

Tokyo Chou Line:
Tokyo Zero - Yoshino Hiroyuki
Shinjuku Shintarou - Okiayu Ryoutarou
Nakano Riku - Kamiya Hiroshi
Kichijouji Takuto - Irino Miyu
Tachikawa Lune - Miyata Kouki

Oedo subway line:
Roppongi Fumi - KENN
Shinjuku Rintarou - Okiayu Ryoutarou
Tsukishima Izayoi - Ono Daisuke
Shiodome Iku - Kaji Yuuki
Ryougoku Itsumi - Morita Masakazu
Tochou Saki - Sugita Tomokazu

Rules & Whatnot:

This community is friends-locked with open membership. ♥

Fangirling/boying is not only expected, but wanted. ^_^
Please free to post pictures, share CDs,
rant about how much you love them, that sort of thing. ^^

A few Basic Rules
1. Please lock all media-sharing posts.
2. Please comment when downloading. No leeching. Saying "thank you" isn't too hard. It makes uploaders feel that their effort is appreciated.
3. Please remember: <lj-cut> is your friend. If posting huge graphics and you don't want to use thumbnails, or your entry would contain potential spoilers, make use of the LJ cut.
4. Feel free to post anything related to Miracle Train. Posts about the seiyuu are also welcome!
5. Have fun and spread the love!!

Tell your LJ friends about miracle_train! It would be greatly appreciated. ^^

Affiliates: yoshinohiroyuki & MAL Club
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