A New Station

Hey there, minna-san!

Found out about a new station!!

His name is Ushigome Kagurazaka Tougo, and he's voiced by Yusa Kouji! His character profile is on the official Miracle Train website under the Oedo Line characters.

Miracle Train Handpuppets

Hey there, minna-san!

Been checking out ebay tonight, and guess what came up? The UFO Catcher handpuppets! Yep, they have all of them...Roppongi, Tocho, Shinjuku, Tsukishima, Shiodome, Ryogoku and Tokugawa!

If you wanted to get them but were unable to, go right to ebay!


Request: Miracle Train ~Chuo Sen e Youkoso~

Hello everyone!!! I don't know if I'm allowed to ask this or not... So if I'm not, so sorry!!! >< Please delete this post if it's not allowed
So, I've watched Oedo Sen and obviously I loved it! Shiodome banzai!!! XD
However, I've been trying to find Chuo Sen, but I couldn't find it anywhere... -___-
Does anyone here know where I can download or watch online Miracle Train ~Chuo Sen e Youkoso~ with english subtitle???
Edit// I mean the 1 minute teaser. Sorry!! >< And I don't mind getting the raw ^^
And does anyone know where I can get the drama CD too?? Thank you! :)

I really want to watch it, because it must be as interesting as Oedo Sen!
Thanks in advance ^^
浜尾京介 (02)

asdjfanlsidfhuanis *FLAAAAAAIL*

Remember how some time ago I made this post about which of the actors I know would probably fit the characters IMO if the series was made into a live-action? [/long intro]



Official site is here ^____^ It will be running Dec8-15 at the Space Zero in Tokyo. Tickets are going for ¥6500 apiece.

[] Roppongi will be played by KENN, whom we all know as the seiyuu for the character, as well as seiyuu for Kazu in [Air Gear] (and the actor for the character in the musicals), and actor for Fuji Yuuta in [Musical Tennis no Oujisama].

[] Shinjuku will be played by Takeda Kouhei (let me take a moment to LOL because Kouhei's kinda short, but I love him anyway ♥). He is a former member of the PureBOYS. You may know him as Kurenai Otoya from [Kamen Rider Kiva (2008)], or as Noda Hayato in [Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata (2008)].

[] Tochou-san will be played by Yoshida Tomokazu. He's an awesome dancer :D Um, he was a minor character in the restaging of the play [Switch wo Osu Toki Ni ~ Kimi-tachi wa Naze Ikiteiru n'Da (2007)] and worked with Kouhei as a minor character in [TadaTsuku]. A former tokusatsu boy, he was Tetsu/Dekabreak in [Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2004)]. Among his most recent stage credits are 4-man theater group *pnish*'s [vol.9 Secret Box (2007)], and the first stage rendition of [Sengoku Basara (2009)].

[] Tsukishima will be played by Sugiura Kouken, who looks way too young to be nearly-28 XD Hm, I'd never heard of him before this, so I can't think of any projects of his off the top of my head like I did with the first three. *goes hunting* [Waterboys (2004 and 2005 -- srsly? Need to look for him there, then :D)]. Other than that, I'm not familiar with anything else he's worked in.

[] Shiodome will be played by Ueda Keisuke, another name I'm not very familiar with. I know he played Takabayashi Izumi in the stage version of [Takumi-kun Series Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite (2009)], and was in [THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (2008)] with some other actors I like...

[] Ryougoku will be played by Ooyama Masashi. He was B-cast Chitose Senri in [Musical Tennis no Oujisama]. Not sure if he's had any other hard-hitting roles under his belt.

Those are the only cast members out so far ^_^
Hyde - 花葬

OSt Tracklist - Romaji & English

As offered in the comments for dark_alone's download post, I transcibed and translated the tracklist for the Miracle Train soundtrack. I was surprised how relatively quickly I was able to do it this morning :D
A few short notes beforehand:
- I am still learning Japanese, so my translation qualities aren't extremely polished yet
- I tried to keep the titles relatively neutral, but sometimes, they just required a subject, so I either chose 'one' or 'I', depending on what sounded better to me.
- at my University, we're using a different transcription system than Hepburn, so some things might seem strange when I happen to mix both styles. I tried to keep it according to Hepburn, though.
- I also apologize if some English translation sound weird; I used a Japanese-German dictionary for the Kanji I didn't know and then translated into English.
- I think I fortgot something else I wanted to mention... *cough*

Collapse )

Again, I apologize if my translations seem a bit odd... ^^; If anybody has some corrections, please don't hesitate to tell me~
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Hi, not sure is it's allowed, but is it ok to request Miracle Train ~Oedo-sen e Youkoso~ DVD?

I would like to have especially the creditless OP, so that I can get pics. of the mirrored part of the characters.

Thank you very much. (Sorry if it's already shared and I didn't see it)

Miracle Train Category On FF.Net

Hey there, minna-san!

The other day I was googling for Miracle Train fics, and came across a link to the category on fanfiction.net. Here's the link to the page...


I contributed my own fics...one is Stations In Love, the other is a Miracle Train x Hetalia crossover called Italian Love.

Anyway, just wanted to share this news and shamelessly self-plug my fics with all of you.
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